The 20 finalists REVELA Award 2013

 13008 teatroDentro
by Xavi Piera
with transFormas
Barcelona, Catalonia, Europe
 13009 Looking for a roof
by Ana Rello Fernández
with Cáritas Diocesanas
Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain, Europe
13010 Trafficking in women for sexual exploitation-a new form of contemporary slavery-
by Walter Astrada y Sandra Sotelo
with Misión de Adoratrices
Catalonia, Europe

 13018 Mama Tunza – Pay It Forward
by David Monfill
with Kobo Trust
Kenya, Africa
 13026 The wide border
de Sergi Cámara
con Prodein
en Melilla, España
 13027 Tears of silence
by Jordi Pla
with Fontilles
Madhya Pradesh, India, Asia
 13034 Escaped from Syria:
Syrian refugees in the
Domiz Refugee Camp, Iraq

by Italo Rondinella
with RISE
autonomous region
of Kurdistan, Iraq

 13040 Xochiquetzal House: cheerful women
by Bénédicte Desrus
with “Mujeres, Xochiquetzal en lucha por su dignidad, A.C.”
Mexico DF, México
 13044 Everyone’s land
by Imanol Villota Martínez
with Horuelo
Amayuelas del Campo, Palencia, Spain, Europe
 13052 Trapped on Mount Gurugú
by Pedro Armestre y Susana Hidalgo
with Pro Derechos de la Infancia
 Melilla y norte de Marruecos, África
 13055 Three, Three, Three
by Jose Antonio de Lamadrid
with Autismo Sevilla
Sevilla, Spain, Europe
 13057 Opening eyes to Bolivia
by Elisenda Pons
with Ulls del món
La Paz, El Alto, Bolivia, Suramérica
 13058 Sala Negra, Convivir con la violencia
en Centroamérica
by Edu Ponces
with CINDE
Soyapango. San Salvador. El Salvador.America
 13073 A seed for change
by Santiago Villamediana
with Fundación Agrónomos sin Fronteras
 Iringa, Tanzania, Africa
 13075 Julia, a self-made woman
by Borja Moncunill
by FELGTB – Federación Estatal de Lesbianas,
Gais, Transexuales y Bisexuales.
Madrid Valencia and Canarias, Spain, Europe
 13084 The house of the good life
by Guillaume Pinon
with Asociación de Integración
de la Comunidad Gitana de la Palma-Palmilla
Málaga, Spain, Europe
 13087 Mountain of Smoke
by Jesús García Pastor
with Por la Sonrisa de un Niño
 Camboya, Asia
 13102  Bhopal Second Disaster
by Alex Masi
withThe Bhopal Medical Appeal
Bhopal, India, Asia
 13104 Etnic forc relocation . Jahalin Beduins
in the west Bank
by Giuliano Camarda
with Vento di Terra ONLUS
 13110 The recyclers
by Vincenzo Floramo
with Migrant Education (ME)
Tailandia/Birmania, Asia

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  • AWARDS 2013

  • La ancha frontera

    REVELA Award 2013 by Sergi Cámara with Prodein in Melilla, España

  • Casa Xochiquetzal: mujeres alegres

    REVELA Award 2013 by Bénédicte Desrus with “Mujeres, Xochiquetzal" in Mexico

  • Sala Negra, Convivir con la violencia en Centroamérica

    REVELA Awards 2013 and Honorable Mention GEA PHOTOWORDS 2013 by Edu Ponces with CINDE in Soyapango. El Salvador

  • Three Three Three

    GEA PHOTOWORDS Award 2013 and SHOOT 4 CHANGE Special Mention for the best local positive story by Jose Antonio de Lamadrid with Autismo Sevilla in Sevilla, España

  • Trafficking in women for sexual exploitation – a new form of contemporary slavery

    Special Mention SHOOT 4 CHANGE the best author in social interpretation of Walter Astrada and Sandra Sotelo with Mission Adorers in Catalunya

  • AWARDS 2012

  • Children waiting for justice

  • Learning to Learn – Cerebral Palsy

  • The Forgotten Hearts Paradise

  • Nomads force

  • Memory Books

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