the staff members are members of different entities:

Anna Sellarés
 Pablo Pérez Losada 
Pepa Alguacil
David González
 Gemma Gómez
Celia Verdugo
 Ferran jordà

Ruben Martínez
 Celeste Arroquy
Elena Fernández
Rosa Montes
 Xavier Martí Alavedra
  Cristina Sánchez
Eva Clemente
Management Entity

Socio Cultural Acció Turó (TASC) is a nonprofit association. Born in 2004 and its main mission is to promote culture as a means of social transformation, from linking to the territory where it is developed and maximize social and civic participation.

The founder members are eight organizations working for many years in different areas of the district Peira Turó:

It is then a partnership that has emerged and developed around the associative key citizen action and based on their individual experience and their knowledge of the neighborhood, want to put it together, and develop social and cultural activities with the active participation of different agents, CITIZEN MANAGEMENT.

The main TASC project since 2005, is the management of Can Basté Civic Center, located in the neighborhood of the Peira Turó.

La memoria de Mercedes © Marcelo Aurelio. 2010. Barcelona

Can Basté and the photography

The Civic Center Can Basté arises of the impulse  and the social need to have a place where generating projects working with culture as a mechanism of social relationship, tending ever present reality of the environment and the needs of the people.

Thus, the center contributes to the cultural development of individuals and groups, promoting their participation in the management of cultural products and offering spaces, and production and creation to allow exchange and generate new initiatives and formal associative non-formal, with various interest centers, promoting coordination and collaboration with the association exists.

Since 1996, Can Basté has become a benchmark for the creation and spread of photography to city level. He has created many social dynamic intervention where the main objective is to provide tools and mechanisms for the population so you can discover new ways to learn, experience and break into the photography scene.


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