REVELA, 3rd International Photography Award for the Social Rights Holders, is an unusual type of photography competition, as in this case the prize goes to the photographied social group, not the photographer.

From the photography projects,  a total of 75,000 euros (thanks to anonymous donations) will be divided between three social intervention projects. These social intervention projects will always be managed by an institution (association, NGO, foundation, cooperative, group…). The photographers can be professionals or amateurs and it can be on any theme. The photography projects and social intervention projects will be evaluated and weighted independently. For this purpose, a points system will be used that will provide an unbiased value to the projects. Both the portfolio and the project will require a minimum of points to be able to get the prize. The jury will be formed by international renowned professionals from the world of photography, journalism and social intervention.

This competition is coordinated from Espai Fotogràfic Can Basté.  The aim is to promote direct social aid, publicise the photographers and their portfolio and create dynamics of supportive social participation.

The competition is held annually.


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  • AWARDS 2013

  • La ancha frontera

    REVELA Award 2013 by Sergi Cámara with Prodein in Melilla, España

  • Casa Xochiquetzal: mujeres alegres

    REVELA Award 2013 by Bénédicte Desrus with “Mujeres, Xochiquetzal" in Mexico

  • Sala Negra, Convivir con la violencia en Centroamérica

    REVELA Awards 2013 and Honorable Mention GEA PHOTOWORDS 2013 by Edu Ponces with CINDE in Soyapango. El Salvador

  • Three Three Three

    GEA PHOTOWORDS Award 2013 and SHOOT 4 CHANGE Special Mention for the best local positive story by Jose Antonio de Lamadrid with Autismo Sevilla in Sevilla, España

  • Trafficking in women for sexual exploitation – a new form of contemporary slavery

    Special Mention SHOOT 4 CHANGE the best author in social interpretation of Walter Astrada and Sandra Sotelo with Mission Adorers in Catalunya

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  • Children waiting for justice

  • Learning to Learn – Cerebral Palsy

  • The Forgotten Hearts Paradise

  • Nomads force

  • Memory Books

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