13087 Mountain of Smoke

April 19, 2013 § Leave a comment

by Jesús García Pastor
with Por la Sonrisa de un niño
Camboya, Asia

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The report

Mountain of Smoke’, so called in Phnom Phen the city dump.
40 acres and more than 2,000 plastic and metal collectors, newly arrived families from poorer rural areas of a country, Cambodia, still dragging consequences of war too.
The photos in this report attempt to show the everyday, the effort and the dignity of its people despite the hellish environment, a mountain steaming and slippery that grows with the tons of garbage spewing trucks.
A mountain of misery in which you can lose an arm or die of suffocation, in which, sometimes, a girl can find a treasure, a red umbrella.
A place, a mountain of smoke, in which work is driving a metal hook impotence.
The landfill site changed from the time the pictures were taken, but the situation of the beings who inhabit it has not changed …

The author

Jesus Garcia Pastor, born in Barcelona in 1977, is a photographer, writer and journalism graduate, master in creative writing and psychology in disaster and conflict.
Published as a writer and photographer in multiple national media and international. Communications Manager at Amnesty International for several years also served as social educator in prison, cooperating for several years in the Balkans, screenwriter for UNHCR, professor of Spanish and photography in Beirut in Catalonia. As a photographer, has exhibited individually and collectively, has won prizes in photojournalism, human rights and travel photography. Today, after several years of full-time traveler to Asia, studied visual anthropology, while continuing his work as a photojournalist and writer.

The project

PSN, since 2003 and during the holiday period, develops different activities that support and continue the educational work carried out by the Association Pour un Sourire d’Enfant throughout the year.

Title: School Continuity Program 2013.
Place of realization: It develops entirely in Cambodia, in the cities of Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville.
Associates for financing School Continuity Program 2013, to date: The Boston Consulting Group, Hewlett-Packard Spanish, University of Navarra, Arturo Cimarra, Societa Italiana di beneficenza, Entraide Française de Madrid, Colleges “The Valley”, College our Lady of Remembrance and Orange Hall.

the project aims:

Getting more than 2200 school children participate weekly in different activities during your holiday period.
Get more than 2200 school children have adequate weekly food and health care during the holiday period.
Achieve weekly avoid more than 2200 school children being exploited for economic purposes during the holiday period, a possibility that exists at the time they return to their families full time.
Getting more than 150 Cambodian students, over 16 years, carrying on a monthly and monitors professional activities.
Getting more than 150 local students over 16 years and for more than a month, socially interact and communicate in English and / or French with European monitors.
Getting over 110 Europeans aged 18 and over, make a social work activities and monitors local help students improve their language skills.

The entity

Por la Sonrisa de un Niño was founded on November 3, 2004.
Inscribed (April 15, 2005) on the National Register of Associations with the number 584943.
Maintains a social and humanitarian activity continuously for the past nine years.
PSN objectives are: serve children, adolescents and families living in extreme conditions of neglect, poverty, malnutrition, exploitation and abuse. And contribute to the development and sustainability of actions for the protection of children holding the association Pour un Sourire d’Enfant (PSE) in Cambodia.
PSN values ​​are: Honesty, to act from the heart, committing to a project in which we believe. Value, to give us strength, endurance and steadfastness of purpose to keep our plans and beliefs. And humility, that allows us to understand that everything we do is for the protection of children, and help us learn to adapt and discover the needs of those around us.


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