13052 Trapped on Mount Gurugú

April 19, 2013 § Leave a comment

by Pedro Armestre and Susana Hidalgo
witch Pro Derechos de la Infancia
Melilla and northern Morocco, Africa

Hundreds of African immigrants, including children,  survive in the mount Gurugú (Morocco) waiting for the opportunity to jump the barrier that separates them from Melilla. Immigrants suffer abuse and harassment of the Moroccan police.

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The report

The photographic report was conducted in late October 2012 on Mount Gurugú (Morocco), on the border with Melilla. The images presented in the competition are part of the first phase of a longer documentary that seeks to complete during 2013.
Part of this work has been published in various media:
-In Eldiario.es on October 27, 2012:
-The Chronicle supplement the World November 11, 2012, entitled: “Amina, the only woman of Mount Gurugú”. This report was received in March 2013 a second prize of Feminist XX Outreach Award from the University of Málaga.

In addition, during our stay in Morocco conducted a short documentary, which was a finalist in the competition for SOS Racism Human Rights and was screened at the National Film Archive in Madrid on March 12, 2013. The short film link:


While performing all these works are a series of difficulties, marked especially by the strong vigilance around the barrier. This measure currently six meters high (in 2006 was half the height and immigrants could access it and jump it with less difficulty using stairs). Access to the border between Morocco and Melilla has been particularly aggravated by the strong pressure exerted by the Moroccan police and military pressure on the SubSaharian group.

The autors

Pedro Armestre. A Rasela. Ourense (1972)
Begins on Europa Press Agency (1993) and continue in the Agency Cover, El Mundo, Interviú magazine. Since 2003 with the International Agency France Presse, the production company calamar2 and Greenpeace. Emphasize publications worldwide by AFP and other distribution channels.

Susana Hidalgo (Barcelona, 1974).
Journalist specializing in social issues. Interested on putting a face to the stories beyond data and statistics. Developed his career in the newspaper El País, editor of society on Publico. Other events have covered the Haiti earthquake, the hunger strike of Aminatou Haidar en Lanzarote and the situation of the Sahrawi refugees in Algeria. Currently a member of the production company calamar2 (www.calamar2.com) and assists in Eldiario.es, supplement Cronica, El Mundo. Worked for NGO Action Against Hunger (press officer in the Sahel).

The project

Based on the help and support to sub-Saharan immigrants in Melilla and Mount Gurugú (Morocco), with particular emphasis on youth.

Care Saharan immigrants who accessed Melilla or waiting across the border in Mount Gurugú (Morocco), to have a chance to jump the hurdle and into the autonomous city.
The Association for the Rights of Children, Prodein offered help to the population living in the bush Gurugú with food, medicines, medical and legal assistance, accompanying them in carrying out their administrative and looking for accommodation. In both cases, the organization complaint with the different administrations all human rights violations suffered this group.

The entity

Association for the Rights of Children
The Association for the Rights of the Child is constituted and registered in the Registry of Associations of Melilla in the year 1999 with the number DG280E.
The aim of the Association is to assist the surviving Saharan immigrant population on Mount Gurugú and those who have managed to reach Melilla, emphasizing the defense of human rights and the particular vulnerability of children. The organization’s values ​​are based on equity and social justice.


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