13044 Everyone’s land

April 19, 2013 § Leave a comment

by Imanol Villota Martínez
with Horuelo
Amayuelas del Campo, Palencia, España

This is a set of images showing the daily life of a group of six young men, mostly immigrants, who live with two teachers in a town of Palencia.

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The report

They are the hardest hit by unemployment and despair. Youth and immigrants suffer, more crudely, the impact of the crisis. The first, doomed to lack of opportunities, share difficulties emancipated or undertake a work project. The problems go beyond the second. The uprooting and isolates them away, sometimes insurmountable, prevents them from clinging to the support of their families. Many young immigrants survive in urban areas in situations that exceed, long, poverty and marginalization.

The economic crisis has led, however, a new migration to rural areas, one way round also thrives laden projects and initiatives imagination. Amayuelas of Below, a small town located in the heart of the Tierra de Campos uninhabited, is the fate of six young people from the Maghreb, Mali, Burkina Faso and Spain. They arrived in the winter of 2012 and with the support of the association Horuelo, a small group of teachers, the local community and the financial support they provide anonymous people and groups try their luck on an adventure. The goal, learn new skills with the complicity of those who assume that the most important changes begin sometimes far from the great centers of power.

The author

BA in History from the University of Alicante, Imanol  Villota (19/10/1981) is closely linked to documentary photography, in areas such as contemporary social movements. He attended the Abad school until two Kodad certifications. Since then, he has combined personal projects simultaneously developing collaborations in print (Diagonal, El Norte de Castilla, Mondosonoro Magazine.). Between 2010 and 2012 he participated in several workshops in photojournalism and showed his work in group shows as’ Expo in Red. “His latest project, ‘Portraits Sound’, is spinning in different cultural spaces and displays a particular look to the creative world of the most representative artists of national pop-rock scene. This year, his portfolio The Last Miners has been chosen by Le journal de la Photographie. Recently obtained an honorable Segoviafoto mention in the LA Fábrica Editorial.

The project

Project Officer training in Rural Sustainability Field Amayuelas. Palencia. Increase young people without job prospects exposed to poverty. In a year you need to learn to live in a town like realistic output, an alternative training and employment. The aim of the project is that a few young people to begin the experience of training in various professional activities to keep rural life. Assume that through the daily management of the everyday practical things learn to manage their life project. That positive experience comprehensive response to the various challenges that are presented to young people. They take advantage of the field resource. Generated experiences that only depend on the will of citizens who decide to implement them without relying on extraneous political wills their interests, that condition or diverted.

The project beneficiaries are 6 Youth at high risk of social exclusion and with little prospect of finding work, but expressing interest in a career in rural areas:

• Young immigrants and indigenous adults, between 18 and 26 years.
• Youth for the city has become a hostile environment for survival.
• Youth whose life and migration are far removed from the reality of life, almost lost, but still hope to reconnect with them.
• Youth alone.
• Youth with family difficulties.
• Youth with relational difficulties. With impaired social networks and little support to flow like a human being.

The entity

Support Project for the maintenance of the basic structures and operations of the Association Horuelo.
• Training and Development Project of professionals, volunteers and users Horuelo Association,
• Global Citizenship Project: Youth Action for Development.
• Tutored Juvenile Residential Foster, two floors, with a total of 18 seats.
• Welcoming Fanning Family Project 2011 – 2012, in the District of San Blas, Madrid.
• Project Partner Avivar Educational Intervention 2011 – 2012,.
• Program Support Project Child Foster Care Sheltered Residential.
• Intercultural and Social Cohesion Project.
• Support Project Floors autonomy Youth pre-HorueloProyecto CEPAIM Fanning Family Home 2012 – 2013, in the District of San Blas, Madrid
• Integral Project Immigrant Youth Shelter 2012 – 2013, in the District of San Blas, Madrid


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