12018 Mama Tunza – Pay It Forward

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by David Monfill
witch Kobo Trust

MamaTunza-PayItForward, is a project to disseminate a series of good deeds selflessly that a people have been simply to help others, forming a chain of favors, which have saved lives abandoned children.

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The report

The project’s aim is to give maximum publicity to the story of Mama Tunza and get people involved and work with Kobo Foundation Trust for the orphanage children can live in decent conditions.

My first visit to Mama Tunza school was in November 2011. The story of this woman, I get excited. At home, alone, had brought forward the lives of the children he met first. When I got to know more details of this sad but touching story turn courageous, I considered the option to go back and do a more in depth report in order to make available, and that whoever wants to help you do, and so continue the chain favors Mama Tunza had begun.

My role in this story, is purely journalistic, but with the feeling of helping and publicize this corner of the world where children need help. Every child who lives there has a compelling story to tell, but thanks to the efforts of this woman and with the help of all the people and institutions that surround it, have survived.

For much of 2012 I worked on this project in which I produced a documentary and has been broadcast on Spanish TV, Barcelona TV, plus several interviews in Onda Basque chain and different web portals.

The author

Monfil David is a professional photographer from Barcelona. After a career in the field of Information Technology for over 10 years, decided to radically change their profession and focus all their efforts in professional photography. To do this, a student at IDEP, professional studies and Feature Photography Photojournalism in addition to workshops with renowned photographers including Magnum Professional Practice Event in MAGNUM headquarters in London.
Start working as a freelancer in 2007 for various publications such as Conde Nast Traveler, Lonely Planet, DeViajes, LifeStyle, La Vanguardia, The Newspaper among others.
Cofounder of website and production company, Obtura.org, which broadcasts works of authorship fotoperiodísticos multimedia format and in tune with new technologies. Also, co-founder of Caja-Azul.org, group of photographers that organize conferences and debates on issues around photography.

The project

Mama Tunza Children’s Home is an orphanage in Kibera and Ngong, (Nairobi, Kenya) over 120 orphaned children living in extreme poverty.

With Kobo Foundation Trust, received 10,000 liters of drinking water a week, food, and medical care. If the foundation’s founder, Mama Tunza today would not be able to maintain, and in the limit of dignity to these children from 2-18 years.

The project also involving persons of different nationalities, who selflessly bought land on the outskirts of Ngong and they have built barracks type houses, in order to accommodate all children who packed the first initial orphanage in Kibera, one of the largest slum in Africa.

The main objective is to improve the life and livability of the orphanage. Today all the soil is sandy and when the rains come, it is a quagmire that virtually precludes reaching the truck trucks carrying water and food. If the prize is finally granted, could be designed to pave the way for improved access, in addition to covering or renew all basic needs and important as the medication needed for the 5 children carrying the HIV virus. Among other things that are less important and the hard work of 120 children worry about is being able to pay bills pending enrollment high school children.

To list the objectives would be:
– Paving the main road from the orphanage.
– Medication for HIV children
– Repair / Replace broken bunk beds and mattresses.
– R / S Sanitary room
– R / S the desks and tables in the main room.
– Pay bills outstanding school.

The entity

Kobo Safaris is a tour operator specializing in incoming services in 11 countries in sub-equatorial Africa. Since its inception in 1994, Kobo Safaris has offered thousands of travelers to enjoy the culture and wildlife that Africa offers. Furthermore, the African reality surprises many travelers often ask how they could make donations or grants to organizations of local projects.

In 2009 was created Kobo Trust, a foundation that supports humanitarian projects in the countries where it operates. Our goal is to work with both organizations with extensive experience, as involved in their own projects, focusing in the areas of education, food, health and aid to disadvantaged communities.

Kobo Trust aims to change the situation and enrich the lives and welfare of the communities with which it works.


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