2014 RULES

REVELA.  III International Photography Award for the Social Rights Holders


1. Objectives of the competition

The objective of the competition is to provide financial support to social intervention projects selected from the photographic portfolio.

2. The category of this competition is


3. Participants

Professional or amateur photographers or photography groups, except anyone related to TASC (the company managing the competition)  including staff, collaborators, teachers, residents and relatives.

4. Theme area

Any theme.

5. Characteristics of the photographic projects and the social intervention projects

The project that will be presented could have any extension, format and photographic technique in the final version.

The social intervention project will be based on the group shown in the photography and the prize will be managed by the association, NGO, foundation or social organization indicated in the project.

6. The presentation dossier

The presentation dossier will be made from the data and files included in the downloadable form from this website, including:


  • Presentation of the author or group of authors (1.000 characters).
  • Full name of the contact person.
  • Email address, web, telephone number and adress.


  • Project title.
  • Paragraph defining the project (200 characters approximately).
  • Stage of the project.
  • Series of 15 to 30 representative project images (JPG, RGB, 1280 one of the edges, 72 ppi).


  • Presentation of the group of choice for the prize.
  • Presentation of the project (name, place of development and other entities that collaborate with the project).
  • Paragraph with a definition of the project (200 characters approximately).
  • Aims and expected results.
  • Project execution (schedule).
  • Evaluation and control plan of the project.
  • Financial viability of the project.
  • Financial appreciation plan of the project.
  • Video presentation of the project (3 min., HD MP4, 1280X720, 300 Mb max.)


  • Details about the entity (association, NGO, foundation, cooperative, group…) that is going to manage the prize money.
  • Entity description (foundation year, activity year, objectives and values).
  • Main projects made by the entity during 2013.
  • Professional resources and social basis of the entity.
  • Entity funding (balance of income and expenses during 2013).
  • Name, address, phone number and email address of the person managing the project.
  • Any other relevant documentation.

7.  Date and time for the submission of the dossiers

The deadline for the submission of the dossiers is on Tuesday, 18th March 2014 at 23:59 (GMT +1).

8. Evaluation criteria

The photographic projects and the social intervention projects will be evaluated and weighted independently. From the portfolio, the jury will take into account aspects like technique, message, narrative and postproduction. From the social projects, the jury will take into account aspects like relevance and sustainability.

Both the report and the project will require a minimum of points to be able to get the prize. The project with the highest number of points wins.

9. Selection committee

The selection committee will be formed by international renowned professionals from the world of photography, journalism and social intervention, selecting 30 projects.

10. Jury

The jury will be formed by 15 international renowned professionals from the world of photography, journalism and social intervention.

The jury will communicate its decision on the day of the awards ceremony.

11. Announcement of results

The decision will be published on Saturday 5th July 2014, after 7 pm (GMT +1)

12. Winner projects

The jury will grant up to five awards among the 15 finalist projects. 75,000 € will be distributed among the selected social intervention projects. The selected portfolios will be displayed together at the Cava Espai Fotográfic Can Basté hall, throughout 2015. Production costs will be covered by the competition organisers.


Participation in this competition means acceptance of the rules. The organization reserves the right to resolve any situation that is not covered in the rules in the most convenient way. The right to use the images from the competition is for exclusive use at the presentation and promotion of the author and the competition REVELA, International Photography Award for the Social Rights Holders.

Barcelona, 2 nd January 2014


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